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How Does the PC/Mac Guru Work with Clients?

PC/Mac Guru conducts business by appointment only, frequently in the client's home or office. I am happy to accommodate requests from clients who wish to work together evenings or on weekends.

There are times when circumstances require that I work on a client's computer in my home. Often, this is because I need to utilize other computers on my network. In other cases, it may be because I have a broadband internet connection and the client does not, and it may be faster (read: cheaper for my client) for me to work in my home.

Short telephone questions from existing clients (under ten minutes) are complimentary.

Contact Information

Thomas Van Housen
PC/Mac Guru, Ltd.
1376 Cary Road
Algonquin, IL 60102-3451

847-658-6633 :: Home Office

312-952-7411 :: iPhone



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