PC/Mac Guru, Ltd.
"Let's compute"
Why choose the PC/Mac Guru?

The phone book has more than a few entries for Computer Repair "professionals" ranging from sole proprietors (such as myself) to swarms of beetles. (Many computer problems are caused by bugs, so keep that in mind.) Let's just say that your mileage may vary, depending on who you call.

If you contact PC/Mac Guru, you'll be dealing directly with me. I spend on average a couple hours a day on continuing education and reading to keep up on new trends and product reviews. My clients enjoy the benefit of my 37 years of computing experience, as well as a level of expertise, insight and enthusiasm that can enrich your computing world beyond your wildest imaginations.

I always remind clients that although their particular issue may be novel for them, it is extremely unlikely that they are alone in suffering from it. Using PC/Mac Guru as a resource, you'll find the right solution quickly and not waste your valuable time or money.

PC/Mac Guru Core Strengths
  • Fast, Friendly, and Focused
  • Deep & Wide Technical Understanding
  • Honest and Professional
  • Patient and Understanding with Clients
  • Sharing All Options with Clients
  • Frugal with Client Resources
  • Transparent: No Hidden Agendas
  • Flexible Availability

Contact Information

Thomas Van Housen
PC/Mac Guru, Ltd.
1376 Cary Road
Algonquin, IL 60102-3451

847-658-6633 :: Home Office

312-952-7411 :: iPhone



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